Digital Citizenship

The Internet puts a world of information at your children’s fingertips and lets them stay in touch with friends 24/7 by sharing pictures, texting or even talking on the phone. Whether they’re trying to create a movement with a viral video, have a friend who is a victim of cyberbullying or just want to know how to better protect your privacy on social media, as a caregiver you can make sure they’re getting the most out of the Internet while staying safe!

Cyberbullying: Handling Haters and Trolls

Cyberbullying is similar to face-to-face bullying, but online tools can magnify the hurt, humiliation, and social drama in a very public way. For many children, the Internet isn’t simply a convenient way to research or a fun afterschool activity – it’s a big part of their social life. But like many other social situations, some kids bully other kids online. Here are some tools to help you identify cyberbullying and prevent it as well as have important conversations with children and students about their online behavior.

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Digital Footprint

Every time you go online, you leave a digital trail. The information you share can be copied, searched, and shared. The following videos are great tools to discuss what happens to the information you post online.

Online Reputation

Everything you post online, even in a private setting, could potentially be made public and may never be completely deleted. What seems funny to you today may seem like bad judgment to college administrators or employers tomorrow.

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Preventing Oversharing

What kids share and post online can be both public and permanent. Something that happens on the spur of the moment – a funny picture, an angry post – can resurface years later when kids apply to college or for jobs. With your guidance, kids can create a positive online image that can help enhance their reputation and could even impress colleges or future employers. Get more tips on preventing oversharing below.

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Digital Parenting

Parents and caregivers have a tough job when it comes to helping kids navigate the online world. Below are more free tools that may make your job easier.

Digital Parenting Resources

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Educational Resources

Looking for online educational tools to help your kids and students continue to build their skills? Check out some of these educational resources below.

Academic Resources

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Preparing for College

Use the Internet to get the most out of your education. Here you will find tools to help prepare for college entrance exams, financial aid and much more.

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Getting Students Ready for Careers

Thinking about next steps in your career? Click below to learn about ways you can gain skills to prepare you for high-demand tech jobs.

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