Frequently Asked Questions

What speeds are available and what is the cost of the Access program from AT&T?

AT&T will assign the fastest of these speed tiers available* at the customer’s address:

  • 10 megabits per second, for $10 per month.**
  • 5 megabits per second, for $10 per month.
  • 3 megabits per second, for $5 per month.

* Internet speed claims represent maximum network service capability speeds. Actual customer speeds may vary based on factors including site traffic, content provider server capacity, internal network management factors, and device capabilities and are not guaranteed. For more information, go to

** All prices are plus tax. Service will include a monthly data allowance (either 150GB of data per month or 250GB of data per month) depending on the type and speed of service you receive. If you exceed your monthly data plan allowance, you will be automatically charged $10 for each 50GB of data usage in excess of your data plan, even if less than 50 gigabytes is used. For more information, go to

How do I know if I’m eligible for the Access program from AT&T?

To find out if you can participate in the program, visit after April 22, 2016 to check service availability at your address and submit an application to see whether your household qualifies.

At least one person in your household must be a participant in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP. You must live in one of the 21 states where AT&T provides wireline home Internet service, and at least one of the Access from AT&T Internet speeds must be available at the address where you live.

How do I find out if I'm located in AT&T's 21-state service area?

The 21-state service area is the broad area (also known as footprint) where AT&T provides wireline services. You can view a map of this service area here. Actual service availability and speeds may vary by individual address.

What information will I need to provide to participate in the Access program from AT&T?

You will need to provide the address where service is to be installed, information for the person requesting service (name, mailing address and email address, date of birth, and social security number or taxpayer ID or tribal ID), and information for the member of the household who is a participant in the SNAP program (name, date of birth, and social security number or taxpayer ID or tribal ID). You will also need to provide a copy of documentation showing proof of participation in the SNAP program (a valid SNAP card showing the SNAP participant’s name, or a current SNAP benefits letter).

What is wireline home Internet service?

“Wireline home Internet service” refers to AT&T’s wireline Broadband Internet Access Service, which is delivered to a fixed location over a physical wire or cable.

How do I find a low-cost computer?

EveryoneOn, a national nonprofit working to eliminate the digital divide by making high-speed, low-cost Internet service and computers, plus free digital literacy courses accessible to all unconnected Americans, has a selection on low-cost computers in your area. Visit to get more information.

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